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How to annoy your Mobile DJ

Are you tired of having a great party with a great mobile DJ? Want to shake things up and ruin everyone's night? Well, aren't you lucky? We've got some foolproof ways to annoy your mobile DJ and ensure that no one has a good time!

Make unrealistic requests

The DJ is there to play music, but why not make their job harder by constantly requesting songs that aren't on their playlist? Bonus points if you ask for a song from YouTube!

Stand too close

The DJ is there to provide music and entertainment, but why not stand as close to them as possible and make them uncomfortable? Singing along off-key and loudly into their ear really helps DJs relax and it makes you seem super likeable.

Interrupt their set

Why let the DJ do their job when you can jump on stage and request a song mid-set while they're mixing? It's not like they're trying to build up any momentum or anything; you always know best!

Change the music

The DJ is playing a great song that has filled the dance floor, but uh-oh, you don't like it? No problem! Just walk over to the equipment and start trying to change the music yourself. DJs can often be selfish and not play every single song to your specific tastes.

Touch the equipment

You don't know how to DJ or use the lighting equipment, but that doesn't mean you can't touch it, right? Pick up an uplighter beside your table and start shining it in people's faces, or use a lighting stick as a lightsaber. The DJ won't mind, they love investing thousands of pounds, dollars or euros into quality lighting equipment only for you to waltz along and drunkenly play with it all.

And finally...

Follow these tips and you're guaranteed to annoy your mobile DJ and ruin everyone's night! But if you want to become best, best friends with your DJ just hover your drink over their mixer, especially if it's brand new with a nice wooden trim around it!

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